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Life and Health


Relying on SCUT’s capability in light industrial technology and engineering (ranking No. 1 in China), food science and engineering (ranking No. 3 in China) and the key R&D projects of synthetic biology, as well as NTU’s strong R&D team in this field, the platform shall conduct high-end international cooperation on the industrialisation studies of modern food biotechnology, biological preparation and chemical modification, etc. It shall support the development of life and health sector in Guangdong as well as the Greater Bay Area, and provide important scientific and technological support to ensure the safety of food and medicine. 

Project List

1New,  science-based solutions for efficient aquaculture production based on  quantitative risk and sustainability assessments
2Bioconversion  of Waste Materials into Functional Lipids by Microbial Engineering
3Researches  on the Industrial Application of Functional Protein Hydrolysate with Better Flavour
4R&D  and Production of Enzyme Products for Food and Biological
   Processing Objective
5Application  of Reaction Extrusion Modification Technology in Industrialization of  Starch-based Functional Materials
6Industrialisation  Research of Health Product Series to Improve Gout
7Development  of a New Health Food Dosage Form“Coated Functional Chocolate”
8Technology  and Products of Processing of Green Fruit and Vegetable
9Preparation  of soluble soy protein using supercritical fluid extrusion
10Industrial  technology development for fucoxanthin production
11Development  of Protein colloidal particle and Pickering emulsion platform technology and  its industrialization application in encapsulation and controlled release of  functional ingredients
12Borneol  and its dericatives product develipment
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