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New Materials


Leveraging the advanced R&D on materials and medical devices of National Engineering Research Institute for Tissue Restoration and Reconstruction and Guangdong Key Laboratory of Biomedical Engineering of SCUT, and Centre for Excellence for Biology of NTU, gathering  resources of the world’s leading research teams, and gradually improving the innovation chain of bio-based environment protection materials, biomedical materials and from implant medical device R&D to industrialisation; continuously nurture core technologies, solve problems in resources and environment caused by the plastic industry, drive up the innovation capability of the biomedical material and medical device industries, and improve the innovation capabilities in new material sources of China.

Project List

1Dual Drug  Eluting stent (DDES)
2Bioactive  Collagen-based Ophthalmic Repair Material
3Development  of Bacterial Endotoxin Detection Reagent Based on Aggregation-Induced  Emission (AIE) Technology
4Research  and Development of Intelligent Optical and Ultrasonic Detection and Sensing Techniques
5Industrial  Scale-up of Chiral Bisguanidinium Phase-transfer Catalyst for the Preparation  of Armodafinil
6R&D  and Cosmeceutical Application of New Degradable Multifunctional Peptide Nano-hydrogel Bio-compounding Materials
7The  Commercialisation of Bioactive Artificial Joint and Supporting Equipment
8Biomimetic  Technology Platform for Cancer Diagnosis and Management
9Magnetic  Digital Microfluidic Platform for Rapid Point-of-Care Immunity Check
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