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New Energy


Leveraging the strength of SCUT’s Key Laboratory of Advanced Energy Storage Materials of Guangdong Province and Energy Research Institute @ NTU, this platform focuses on research and innovation in fuel cell, smart grid and clean energy, etc. covering energy generation, storage, conversion and grid system automation. It is anticipated to provide technical support to the development of energy industry in Guangdong, and to construct technical framework for the supply chain formation required by the commercialisation of new energy devices in the province. This platform will launch a new generation of intelligent, digitalised and miniaturised products for production capacity, energy storage and energy use.

1A Turnkey  Technology for Platinum-Group Metal (PGM) Catalyst Manufacturing
   – High Quality, Low Cost, Fast and Energy-saving Process
2High  Energy Density, Fast Charging Energy Storage Devices for
   Electric Vehicles and Consumer Electronics
33D  non-uniformly distributed PEMFC CCM with high performance and enhanced  longevity,the technology for the same and pilot scale production
4Development  of key material for high-performance Li-ion batteries and devices and  commercialization
5Industrial  Applications of High Quality Thin Films Deposited by Atomic Layer deposition
6High  voltage, high frequency, modular 50 kW, bi-directional fast charging system  for EV with novel interoperability enabled contro
7Advanced  Core Technologies for 48V Mild Hybrid System

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