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NING Chengyun


Prof. Chengyun Ning is with South China University of Technology. He serves as the Vice Director of National Engineering Research Center for Human Tissue Restoration and Function Reconstruction and Guangdong Key Laboratory of Biomedical Engineering. He also serves as the Vice Chairman of Medical Metal Branch of Chinese Society for Biomaterials, the Council Member of Chinese Society for Biomaterials, the Committee Member of Surface Engineering Branch of Chinese Society for Mechanical Engineering and the Member of Foundation Professional Committee of Orthopedist Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association.

Prof. Ning has been engaged in the research areas of orthopedic and dental biomaterials, surface modification of medical biomaterials, cell/ tissue compatibility of biomaterials and blood compatibility of biomaterials for a long time. He has hosted and participated the Project Subject of National 973 Plan and 863 Program, National Fund Key Project and the Key Project of Industry, Education and Research in Guangdong Province and so on. He has published 93 SCI papers at many international authoritative journals including Angew, Chem. Int. Ed., Prog. Polym. Sci., NPG Asia Mater., Mater. Today, ACS Appl. Mater. Inter., Theranostics, et al. and a monograph named as ‘Electro-active Biomaterials’. He has been authorized 23 national invention patents and awarded 2 first prizes and 3 second prizes at ministerial and provincial-level in China.


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