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CHEN Tupei


Dr. Chen Tupei is currently a tenured Associate Professor in School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. From Feb. 1990 to Oct.1991, he was a visiting researcher at the Fritz-Haber Institute of Max-Planck Society, Germany. In the years of 1994 to 1997, he was a postdoctoral fellow in The University of Hong Kong and the National University of Singapore, and he worked in Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Ltd for a short period (June – December 1996). He was a senior scientist at PSB Singapore for about two and half years before he joined Nanyang Technological University as an assistant professor in February 2000. 

His major research areas include

1) Micro & nano-electronics (nanoscale CMOS devices and reliability and process integration for ULSI technology; Si-based LED and nanoscale waveguide for on-chip optical interconnects, etc.);

2) Novel memory devices (nanocrystal Flash memory, RRAMs/CBRAMs, analog memory, WORM, 1T-DRAM, etc.); 

3) Memristors and applications in Si neural devices and networks (electronic neuron & synapse); 

4) Flexible/transparent electronic devices and applications (transparent/flexible high mobility thin-film transistors / thin film memory / thin film circuits, high-resolution touch panel, electronic skin, large-area flexible x-ray & ultrasonic imaging films, etc.);

5) Nanophotonics and solar energy-related materials and devices (holographic transparent display film, full-solar-spectrum absorber for water purification, thermotropic & electrochromic coatings & devices, etc.).

He has supervised & co-supervised 27 PhD students and 21 post-doctoral research staff.

He has > 410 technical publications (including > 280 SCI journal papers and > 130 conference presentations), one book and 6 book chapters. He has filed 10 U.S. patents and 12 Technology Disclosures. 

He is a PI & Co-PI of 20 research projects with a total grant amount of about 600M RMB.


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